March 8, 2012

Student at Lincoln Budokan Enjoys Being Reunited with the Martial Arts

By Brian Reetz - Star City Sports

They say, you always come back to the one you love.

For Lindsey Anderson, that love is the martial arts. The Lincoln native began her training around the age of 10 but stopped at the end of high school as college and work got in the way. Now at 31, she’s come back for more.

"I liked it all," Anderson said, "I liked competing a lot. I was always in the Cornhusker State Games (including earning two golds her final year in her youth). I hated the free sparring when I was younger, but I love it now. Stopping is my biggest regret." But then Anderson heard that Sensei Holmes and Lincoln Budokan Dojo was opening and she was intrigued. Anderson had Sensei Holmes for her training at the Downtown YMCA growing up. The stay-at-home, married mom went to the ribbon-cutting, got signed up and got her feet wet once again in the martial arts world in 2010. "A lot come back natural." Anderson said. "The Japanese terms didn't come back right away, but the forms came back pretty quick."

Anderson tries to go at least three times a week to hone her training. Her favorite day to go is on Wednesday, which includes all ages and ranks, and she gets to see how everyone is progressing. That includes a beginning kids' class, an advanced kids' class and an adult class.
"The kids' classes are the most fun," Anderson said. "I help a lot with correcting. I'm the role model and I enjoy that." Anderson returned to the competition arena last summer as she competed in the Cornhusker State Games for the first time in 12 years.

"I was pretty nervous and I almost didn't sign up." Anderson said. "It was really good. I won gold in forms. In free sparring I won every match that I was put up against. I was pretty pumped. It came right back." Anderson owes it to Sensei Holmes.

"He is like the coolest guy I know," Anderson said. "He wants you to succeed and does everything in his power to help you get better. He's just awesome. He's the nicest guy you will ever meet.

"He has a really good eye and he will take the time, even if it's just me in class. He will teach the same way if it is just me or 100 people. He doesn't get lazy. He is just always pushing to get better and correcting things."
Anderson is learning the new forms to get to the next rank. She is currently a Brown Belt with two stripes, so the next step for her is Black Belt.

"I like helping the kids get better." Anderson said, adding that she is anxious to get her 2-year old son into training. "They don't get it, don't get it, don't get it and then suddenly they do because you've helped them. I also really like the feeling that if I'm walking down the street at night I don't get scared because I can handle myself."

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