Tips for an AMAZING Experience at

SportFest and the Opening Ceremonies

We hope you are as excited as we are for the upcoming Cornhusker State Games! We commend you for allowing yourself to experience the joy and personal growth that comes from athletic participation. One of the best ways to get in the spirit of the Games, and to take full advantage of your paid entry, is to attend SportFest and Opening Ceremonies. To make your Opening Ceremonies experience both smooth and fulfilling, please review the tips below.

1. If you did not choose packet shipping, which includes your pass to SportFest/Opening Ceremonies, be sure to pick up your athlete packet according to the available times, dates and locations listed HERE.

2. Have a plan for enjoying SportFest and the Opening Ceremonies, including:

    A) Review the SportFest and Opening Ceremonies information and pass this info along to friends and family.

    B) TEAMS – If not traveling together, make plans to meet up, eat together and sit together; SportFest/Opening Ceremonies is a great team-building opportunity. And designate meeting points/times in case teammates get separated.

    C) Let friends and family know they can purchase admission passes (meal included) at the gates.

    D) For the Parade of Athletes, parents are allowed to walk with children and vice versa, and are welcome sit in the athlete seating fact it's recommended.

    E) Bring a little spending cash for the EuroBungee, vendor goodies and/or extra food/drink concessions during the Opening Ceremonies.

    F) Take pictures! Share your AMAZING experience with your friends and family by posting your photos on the Cornhusker State Games Facebook page, as well as Twitter and Instagram @NESportsCouncil. Please use #CSG2018 when posting.

    G) Have a great evening!


Other Important Tips for an AMAZIING

Competition Experience

-- Bring lots of water/hydration! Chances are, the weather will be hot. Also, a hand-towel for each participant that can be soaked and rolled up on the back of a players neck, is a great way to keep body temps down.

-- Be prepared to go to for schedule changes in the event of inclement weather. Changes will also be poste don the Cornhusker State Games Facebook page.

-- Notify your local newspaper when you return so you get recognized for participating. Many papers arrange for photo - shoots for area medalists/participants, and this will easily allow them to include you in their coverage.

-- Email or call 402-471-2544 with any questions.


Best of luck for a safe and fun Cornhusker State Games!