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The Nebraska Sports Council offers an opportunity for low-income youth and families to take part in events such as the Cornhusker State Games and Pumpkin Run at no charge to the athlete. The average State Games entry fee is $27.  Those fees can be covered for underprivileged youth through the Adopt an Athlete Fund.

The fund is primarily fed by individual donors and a handful of corporate benefactors to help us reach our 2024 goal of $5,000, which was the approximate amount used in 2022, allowing more than 700 youths to experience the Games and/or Pumpkin Run.

All $25 donors will be recognized in the Nebraska Sports Council Yearbook and will be listed at (below). Those donating $100 or more will receive a special gift.  You can make your donation online HERE or by sending a check to the Nebraska Sports Council office (P.O. Box 29366, Lincoln, NE 68529).

Adopt An Athlete Corporate Benefactors:

Thank You to our Donors!

Andy Alloway
Dave Anderson
Tim Anderson
Amy Archuleta
Ken & Moira Ash
Tom Ash
Jeff Barclay
Barbara Berlie
Stephen Beachler
Daryl Bohac
Trevor Bohling
Romain Borema
Matthew Bornschlegl
Katie Bruns
Stan Campbell
Nate Casey
Ken & Pat Cheloha
Brian Clinton
Steve Davenport
Dixie Davis
Brian Day
Thaddeus Edgerton
Erik Egeberg
Dorothy Ekblad
Kate Ellingson
Bob Elliott
Doug Emery
Robert Ericson
Shawn & Carrie Fleck
Julie Fletcher
Jen Fraser
Stephen Frederick
Dawn Garcia
Norm & Sandy Gesch
Lisa Guill
Robert Haller
Willy & Jan Harstick
Linda Helfman
Candyce Hemmer

Todd & Debra Henkel
Dennis Heuke
Alan Higley
Mark & Kelly Jo Hinrichs
Dr. Ted Hoff
Geoff Hogelnd
Howard & Wendy Huffman
Anita Jackson
Michelle James
Aldie & Shirley Johnson
Harland Johnson
Jeff & Tami Keller
Mark Klasek
Danielle Kleber
Jessica Kolterman
Paul Knust
Rebecca Kohrs
Luke Laible
Brian Larrington
Roger Larson
Roger Lempke
Karla Lester
Monte Lofing
Elizabeth Logan
Joel Long
Brandi Lorenzen
Tom McCann
Don McElravy
Chelsea McKenzie
Tami McLaughlin
Wally & Jo McNaught
Rick Metcalf
Pat Meyer
Kelly Mills
John & Barb Mlnarik
Kimberly Moore
Steve Nabity
Tom Nauman
Virginia Neal

Steve & Patty Nelson
Dena Noe
Sue Nutty
Karen O’Connor
Roxanne Oestmann
Dr. JoAnne Owens-Nauslar
Jim Peter
Jen Powell
Mike Rasmussen
Susan Rodenburg
Val & Greg Roseberry
Al & Janet Rosenbohm
Kris Rutford
Matt Rye
Tom Saunders
Dr. William Schlichtemeier
Alison Schwanke
Rick Sheehy
David Shoemaker
Bill Sindelar
Trish Souliere
Monica Stoney
Scott Stream
Michael Stuchlik
Alvin Sueper
Carol Sutton
Korinne Tande
Kelli Ten-Hulzen
Kim Theesen
Ryan Theil
Dave Tinius
Rob Trebilcock
Lisa Turner
Larry Wakefield
Elmer Wessel
Barbara Whitehead
Michael Wirth
Linsey Ziebell
Denise Zwiener

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