2022 NSC Awards


Each year the Nebraska Sports Council honors those who have gone above and beyond at the annual awards banquet. Awards include Sport Director Anniversary Awards, the Russ White Memorial Sport Director of the Year Award, the Joe Neal Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award, and awards for Cornhusker State Games Athletes of the Year.

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2022 Cornhusker State Games Annual Awards 

Joe Neal Memorial Volunteer of the Year

Aimee Guzman-Jones & Colleen Arnold

Russ White Memorial Sport Director of the Year

John Losito & RJ Neal – Bowling

Athletes of the Year

Youth Female – Makayla Vasser, Nebraska City (Football, Softball, Track & Field, Wrestling)
Youth Male –  Marc Zhao, Elkhorn (Aquatics)
Overall Female –  Haley Bekins, Omaha (Triathlon)
Overall Male – Doug Trent, Louisville (Track & Field)
Dorothy Ekblad Senior Female – Harriet Bloemker, Fremont (Track & Field)
E. Lee Todd Senior Male – Buck Wood, Minden (Pickleball)

Sport Director Service Anniversaries

CSG 5-year Service
Karl Hinkley – BMX Freestyle
Cat Souliere – HEMA Fencing
Tom Erlandson – Golf Scramble
Mark Nelson – Pickleball
Jane Cech – Pickleball
Maggi Thorne – Ninja Challenge
Chris Lesiak – .22 Silhouette Shooting

CSG 10-year Service 
Amber Hall – Armwrestling
Cliff Hall – Armwrestling
Thom Sisson – WalkOmaha

CSG 15-year Service
Dave Tunink – Youth Trap Shooting

CSG 20-year Service
Keith Stewart – Pocket Billiards

CSG 35-year Service
Bob Ericson – Badminton

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