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DATE: Saturday, July 17, 2021

Black Belt & Athlete Meeting: 9:30 a.m.
Competition begins: 10 a.m.


AWARDS: Custom Cornhusker State Games gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to the top three finishers in each division.

*We will follow any CDC and public health directives in place at the time of competition.  The safety of our volunteers, athletes, and families is our primary concern.  Competition events/format may be modified from the posted format.  We will also follow health measures implemented at our host venue at the time of competition.


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DIVISIONS: Divisions will be set based on entries received. Divisions will be based on age, rank, height, and weight. Black belts must specify Dan level (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.). The director reserves the right to combine or divide divisions depending on the number of entries.

RANK STRUCTURE TO BE USED: Consider the number of promotions you have received, including stripes, when registering.

Beginner: (0-2 promotions) First 3 belts – white, orange, yellow
Intermediate: (3-5 promotions) Next 3 belts – green, blue, purple
Advanced: (6-8 promotions) Last 3 belts – brown, red, recommended black
Black Belts: 1st Dan and higher. Include rank-level when registering (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)




Scoring: Light contact. One point for all legal techniques. Punches and backfists are the only legal hand techniques. Kicks must score with the foot. Legal target areas: Headgear (no face or throat) and “strike zone” from the collar bone to the belt and side seams forward. Spinning techniques are legal: striker must have eyes on the target and abide by light contact rules when strike lands.

Victory: Colored belts-2 minute rounds. Black Belts-3 minute rounds. First competitor to gain a 5-point spread (up by 5: 5-0, 6-1, 7-2, etc.) wins. If time expires, competitor with the most points wins. Ties at the end of regulation time broken by sudden victory. Sparring divisions will use a consolation bracket system in division with 4 or more competitors (this means competitors with a loss may still compete).

Penalties and Warnings: Penalties will be issued for illegal techniques, excessive force, and unsportsmanlike conduct. Face contact results in an automatic point deduction. Competitors earn two warnings before suffering penalties. Consecutive penalties earn point deductions. A competitor who loses three points due to penalties suffers disqualification from the match.

Required Sparring Gear: Mouthpiece, groin cup (for males), hand, foot, and headgear are mandatory. Toenails and Fingernails must be trimmed. No bag, grappling, or boxing gloves. Gear will not be available for purchase at event. Athletes without required gear may be disqualified.


Forms will be judged on focus, power, timing, difficulty, and overall beauty of the form. Form must be representative of traditional taekwondo.

Required Uniforms: Uniforms must be clean, have long sleeves and long pants, and be representative traditional martial arts. No shorts, T-shirts, or cap sleeves.

Registration Fees & Deadlines

$58 per participant until June 17
$63 per participant until July 5
Registration includes both forms and sparring competitions.

ENTRY FEE INCLUDES: Competition in the 2021 Cornhusker State Games; White cotton athlete shirt (micro-fiber or soft cotton lightweight tri-blend upgrade available); Sponsor gifts and coupons.

PAPER ENTRY FORMS: Paper entry forms will be accepted with a $5 processing fee. Registering online saves time, money and trees.

Athlete Packets

Athlete packets will be shipped directly to the athlete at no extra charge.  Packets will not be available for in-person pickup. Packets include athlete shirt and one free Arby’s sandwich certificate per person. Athletes will receive their packet prior to competition.

The athlete packets DO NOT contain any sport specific information such as schedules, maps, bib numbers, etc. For sport-specific details, refer to your sport General Information.

For more information regarding Opening Ceremonies, please refer to the Opening Ceremonies page.

Further Information

Sport Specific Questions: Contact Taekwondo Co-Director Hilary Catron at 402-742-7490, Michael Catron at email

Online Registration/Website Questions: Contact the Cornhusker State Games office at 402-471-2544 or

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