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General Information

DATE: July August 5-7th, 2022

SITE: Grand Island, Nebraska
(Specific dates and times will be announced soon)

Handler Meeting: TBD
Competition begins: 7 a.m. on August 5th

Judge 1: Tom Sutliff
Judge 2: Dave Masteller
SRS Field Marshall: Matt Emerson

8 Dog Limit

Closing Date: 6 days Prior to Event

Veterinarian Info: Highlands Animal Hospital 402-476-5800

Event Description: SRS Club Qualifier


• Professional entry fee is no less than $250.00.
• Amateur entry fee is no less than $150.00.
• Ribbons must be given to the finalist or Top 6
• No deduction of points in any series senario.
• No one other than judges or marshall in the area of line. Score Keepers and other personel should be set up by the marshall in another tent ( No owners or handlers in area of the line. )
• The Club must fill out a SRS Club Request form completely and submit at least 90 days in advance.
• SRS will supply a SRS Field Marshall at your SRS Club event. This will consist of 3 days for a 2 day event and 4 for a 3 day event. All Club will be responsible for $600.00 flat fee to help cover with marshall costs. This fee will be deducted from the Club earnings from the event. (Travel for the marshall will be scheduled by the marshall or the SRS. )
• SRS Club events can select to have up to an 8 dog entry per handler. ( To review in 2 Years, 1/1/2022)

SRSUniversity NEW RULES:
1. Entry Fee – $100.00 per dog/handler
2. Must be an amateur and either enrolled in high school or college.
(Proof of enrollment within the calendar year of August 1, 2020 – August 1, 2021)
3. Must be your dog or family dog – Owner/ handler owned.
4. Individual Team – 1 hander 1 dog
You will earn a score each series and combined for 3 series for placements in 1st , 2nd and 3rd places.
5. Teams – you can have up to 4 Individual teams on a Team. You will be averaged in for a team score.
Example – Olympic swimming, gymnastics. You will have an average team score with 1st – 3rd placements as well as individual scores.
6. No more than 2 coaches. (We will help you with a coach if you need one.)
7. Dog should have an at least UKC/HRC – HR level or above or AKC – SH level or above.
8. SRS general Rules and Point system.
9. Individual team are eligible for UKC and Qualifier points.
10. 3 series – Hunt Test, Field Trial and Hunt Saavy.
11. Top 3 individual teams will be invited to the SRS Crown Championship.


Registration Fees & Deadlines

Entry Fee:
Pro: $250
Am: $150

Pay Out Places:
Pro: 1-3
Am: 1-3

Opening Ceremonies

The show begins at 8 p.m. at Seacrest Field, Lincoln!

Admission is FREE!

• Parade of Athletes
• Skydivers
• National Anthem
• Oath of Athletes
• Mascot Showcase
• Super Retriever Series Demo
• Mystery Torchlighter
• Fireworks

The Opening Ceremonies will be televised statewide by News Channel Nebraska.

For more details regarding Opening Ceremonies, please refer to the Opening Ceremonies web page.

Further Information

Online Registration/Sport Specific Questions: Cole Scott, 402-709-0778

Website Questions: Contact the Cornhusker State Games office at 402-471-2544 or info@nebraskasportscouncil.com.

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