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DATES: July 29, 2023

SITE: Belmont Rec Center, 1234 Judson St, Lincoln (view map)

ELIGIBILITY:  If you live or work in Nebraska you are eligible to participate.

RULES: Except where noted below, games are to 11 points (must win by two), and matches are three out of five. Players alternate pairs of serves until a 10-10 score and then single serves to the end of the game. A legal serve must begin with a toss of 6 inches or more upward, from an open palm that is above and behind the playing surface, and the ball must be struck at a point behind the table. Except where noted below, paddles must have rubber top sheets of two different colors (usually red and black); the rubber can be smooth or have pips facing outward and can be with or without an underlying sponge layer.

LUNCH: There is no break for lunch and no lunches provided, but there is usually time between matches to eat if you bring your own food, and nearly all players will have breaks between events. The tournament director may be able to provide 30-minute lunch breaks for some events.

NOTE: Spectators welcome!


The majority events will be held as a round robin format to ensure players get enough matches per event. However, based on the number of entries per event, whether they be large or small, the tournament directors reserve to right to change the format of any event as they see fit to keep them running in a timely manner.

Match scores are sent to ratingscentral.com. This is a requirement in order to participate in events.



Check-in Time | Event Name                                       

9 am      | 13 & Under9:00 am | Recreational Singles* (ratings central 1050 or less)10:00 am | Recreational Doubles** (combined rating 2000 or less)10:30 am | Women’s Singles11:00 am | Mixed Doubles11:30 am | 65 & Over ***11:30 am   75 & Over ***12:30 pm | Open Singles (A, B, C Divisional Rounds starting at one)****3:30 pm | Open Doubles***** (combined rating is 3400 or less)

*Recreational Singles is restricted to players whose Ratings Central rating is 1050 or less.

**Recreational Doubles is restricted to players whose combined Rating Central rating is 2000 or less

*** Over 65 (age) and over 75(age) is restricted to participation in one of these ‘age’ divisions.

****Open Singles consists of a preliminary round robin to determine what class singles players will be slotted in. Once class A, B and C singles are set, separate tournaments for each class will compete for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals. If needed, possibly a class D will be added.

*****Open Doubles is restricted to players whose combined Rating Central rating is 3400 or less. Dependent upon the number of entries there might be a ‘A’ division and ‘B’ division with separate tournaments for each class.

Age determined as of July 29, 2023

NOTE: Times are subject to change as needed. The given times are the deadlines for checking in, with matches starting within 30 minutes. The tournament director and tournament committee reserves the right to combine (or subdivide) events if warranted by low (or high) entry numbers. Anyone who is not present when called for a match will forfeit that match unless permission has been given by the tournament director or the tournament committee. Matches will be delayed as needed to accommodate players who are in simultaneous events.

The following information should help you choose which event(s) to enter. Anyone may enter any event subject to the given requirements of age, gender, or rating. The information given below is intended to help players choose events that they will enjoy.

Almost all singles events, including Open Singles, are for players of mixed abilities.

Recreational Singles is for adults and teenagers who are inexperienced or have low ratings and for younger players with some experience. Inexperienced players under the age of 14 are better placed in the appropriate age-group event.  Recreational Singles is restricted to players whose Ratings Central rating is 1050 or less.

13 & Under events are supervised by experienced players. We particularly want to welcome young people to the table tennis community.

Recreational Doubles is suitable for recreational players and is restricted to players whose combined Rating Central rating is 2000 or less.  In contrast, Open Doubles is not a good choice for recreational players.

CLOTHING:   Clothing must conform to the USATT dress code. Solid colored shirt and shorts (not orange or white).  White, yellow or polka dot shirts or jackets are not permitted for competition, per USA Table Tennis rules. Shoes must have non-marking soles.

RULES: Sponge rackets must conform to USATT rules. Tournament director/committee will have the final judgment on matters of rules and playing eligibility. All USATT regulations generally apply. Ratings Central will be used for seeding and match results will be submitted to Ratings Central. (If you have an USATT rating but no Ratings Central record then the USATT rating will be lowered to Rating Central scale by subtracting around 200-300 points) If you have no rating then we will have to estimate

LUNCH: You should have time to grab a bite between the “breakdown” of next playoffs during Open Singles Division. You are encouraged not to leave the site.

Registration Fees & Deadlines

Those who register by June 21 will receive a FREE CSG athlete shirt, which will be shipped to the address they provide.  After June 21, CSG souvenir items can be purchased HERE, courtesy of Fine Designs.  Store orders will be shipped directly to the athlete from Fine Designs.

$35 for first event until June 21 (includes free shirt)
$35 for first event until July 11

Additional events – $10

MULTI-EVENT DISCOUNT NOTE: If registering for multiple events, all entries must occur in the same transaction to receive the multi-event discount.

ONLINE REGISTRATION NOTE: If registering for a doubles event, the participant must still select “Myself” or “Another Participant” (NOT “Team”) on the first step of the registration process. The participant will be asked to list partner’s name. Entering their name DOES NOT register them for the event. Both team members must register themselves, or the participant can register all of the partner by selecting “Another Participant” on the first step of the registration process.

RATING: Participants with a USATT or Ratings Central rating who are registering via the paper entry form must list their rating in the Details section. Participants registering online will be prompted to enter their USATT or Ratings Central rating before check-out. A rating IS NOT required to register.

ENTRY FEE INCLUDES: Competition, CSG athlete shirt (if registered by June 21), Summer Fun Freebie vouchers courtesy of our sponsors.

SHIRT SHIPPING:  Athletes who register by June 21 will have their shirt shipped to the address they provide.  There is no packet pickup—information or items needed for competition, i.e. schedules, maps, bib numbers, will be provided onsite or online according to instructions emailed to athletes.

PAPER ENTRY FORMS: Paper entry forms will be accepted with a $5 processing fee. Registering online saves time, money and trees.

Further Information

Sport Specific Questions: Contact Sport Director Sylvana Airan at sylvanaairan@gmail.com.

Online Registration/Website Questions: Contact the Cornhusker State Games office at 402-471-2544 or info@nebraskasportscouncil.com.

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