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General Information

DATES: July 20-21, 2024

All divisions except Beach Wrestling: Pius X High School (6000 A St, Lincoln) – View Map

Beach Wrestling: Spikes Beach Bar & Grille (2300 Judson St, Lincoln)

Spikes Beach Bar & Grille Policies:

  • No outside food or drink can be brought into Spikes Beach Bar & Grille.
  • Must wear shirt and shoes when entering the bar & grille area.
  • May not take glass out of the inside bar & grille area.

ADMISSION: Admission will be charged daily at Wrestling.
Adults: $5
Students (6-18 Years): $2
Children (5 & Younger): FREE
*Registered athletes will not be charged, but will be marked.

NOTE: Age Determined as of July 20, 2024.


Session 1 – Folkstyle (14 Years & Younger) – Start time: 9 a.m.
Session 1 – Women’s Folkstyle (15 & Older) – Start time: 9 a.m.

Session 2 – Folkstyle (15 Years & Older) – Start time: 2 p.m.
Session 2 – Women’s Folkstyle (14 & Younger) – Start time: 2 p.m.

Session 3 – *Beach (All Ages) – Start time: 7 p.m.
Session 3 – *Women’s Beach (All ages) – Start time: 7 p.m.

*All Beach Wrestling competition takes place at Spikes Beach Bar & Grille

Session 4 – Greco – Start time: 9 a.m.
Session 4 – Women’s Freestyle – Start time: 9 a.m.

Session 5 – FreestyleStart time: 12 p.m.


MEDALS: Custom Cornhusker State Games gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to the top three wrestlers in each bracket.

OUTSTANDING WRESTLER PLAQUES: Outstanding Wrestler Plaques, will be awarded in five age divisions: Ages 8 & Under, Ages 9 to 11, Ages 12-14, Ages 15-17, and Ages 18 & Over. Outstanding Girl Wrestler Plaque will be awarded to the top female wrestler, ages 13 & under and 14 & over, selected by the CSG Wrestling Director. Factors used to determine the Outstanding Wrestlers include earned Iron Man shirts, past Cornhusker State Games wrestling success, defeating outstanding competition, and great sportsmanship.

IRON MAN SHIRTS: Special Iron Man t-shirts, will be given to those wrestlers who earn ten or more points in medals (three points for a gold medal, two points for a silver medal and one point for a bronze medal).

Team Awards for 1st and 2nd (High school and Club divisions)



Folkstyle – 
4-6 Years
7-8 Years
9-10 Years
11-12 Years
13-14 Years
15-16 Years
17-19 Years
*20 & Over
**25 & Over

*Wrestlers who are 25 years or older have the option to enter either the Scholastic 20 & Over or 25 & Over division, but CAN NOT enter both.

**Wrestlers in the Scholastic 25 & Over division will be given one pound per year over the age of 30. Example: A 45-year-old wrestler who weighs 165 lbs will be recorded as 150 lbs. Wrestlers must be at least 25 years old to wrestle in this division.

Beach –
5-8 Years
9-11 Years
12-14 Years
15-17 Years
18 & Over

Greco – 
8-11 Years
12-14 Years
15-17 Years
18 & Over

Freestyle –
7-10 Years
11-13 Years
14-16 Years
17-19 Years
20 & Over

Women’s Folkstyle –
5-8 Years
9-11 Years
12-14 Years
15-17 Years
18 & Over

Women’s Beach –
6-9 Years
10-12 Years
13-15 Years
16 & Over

Women’s Freestyle –
7-10 Years
11-13 Years
14-16 Years
17 & Over

Weigh-In Schedule


Saturday, July 20:
Folkstyle (Boy’s) 14 & Under, Folkstyle (Women’s) 15 & Over: 7 – 8 a.m.
Folkstyle (Men’s) 15 & Over, Folkstyle (Girl’s) 14 & Under: 12 – 1 p.m.
Beach: 3 – 3:30 p.m.

Sunday, July 21:
Greco: 7:30 – 8 a.m.
Freestyle: 9 – 9:30 a.m.

All weigh-ins, including those for Beach Wrestling, will be held at Pius X High School.

Wrestlers must weigh-in wearing either a singlet or gym shorts.

Wrestlers are allowed to weigh-in during an earlier weigh-in period even if they are not participating in that event.

Wrestlers are required to weigh just one time. The weight of each wrestler will be recorded to nearest pound. A referee will inspect wrestlers for the presence of oils or greasy substances on the body, all jewelry, long fingernails, skin condition, health, and safety measures. Wrestlers suspected of having skin conditions will not be allowed to compete without current approval letter/form from a medical doctor.

There are no set weight classes for this tournament. The weight of the wrestler at weigh-ins is recorded and will be used for all sessions to make pairings. Wrestlers will only weigh-in once. Event directors will attempt to pair wrestlers up as fairly as possible with a maximum weight difference of 10%. For the highest weight class in each age group, the maximum weight could have a difference of 15%. The maximum number of wrestlers placed in a bracket will be eight. It’s recommend that wrestlers not cut weight, but instead participate at their natural weight.

Wrestlers who report late for a weigh-in period will not be bracketed for that session. Wrestlers who are running late should call the pairings manager to provide event directors with a safe weight to enter a bracket. Those wrestlers will be weighed at a later time to verify the safe weight.

If wrestlers have an injury or illness that leaves them unable to compete after weigh-ins, they must inform the pairings manager to scratch them from the remaining events. No shows in the brackets create many unnecessary problems for the event directors. Please text or call with any event scratches. Do not call to the start of wrestling competition. It is the number for the TrackWrestling manager who has nothing to do with entries.

Competition Format & Uniforms


Beach: Two periods of two minutes. Overtime is sudden victory with no time limit.

Freestyle: Two periods of two minutes. Criteria will be used to break ties.

Greco: Two periods of two minutes. Criteria will be used to break ties.

Folkstyle: Three periods of 90 seconds. NFHS overtime rules will be used.

BRACKETING: TrackWrestling will be used to manage the tournament.

Weights with 6-8 wrestlers: Brackets with true second
Weights with 3-5 wrestlers: Round robin pools
Weights with 2 wrestlers: Best two out of three


Two wrestlers with the same record or same record and criteria breaker: Head to head winner

Criteria order of tie-breakers for three or four wrestlers with the same record:
1. Most Falls
2. Most Tech Falls
3. Faster Fall Times
4. Faster Tech Falls
5. Most Match Points Scored
6. Least Match Points Allowed

TrackWrestling will just be used to run the events. 


Uniforms: Wrestlers are strongly encouraged to wear a singlet, but are allowed to compete in tight-fitting t-shirts and gym shorts. Tights or biker shorts are allowed to be worn under the singlet.

Red and Blue Singlets: Wrestlers who already have a red and blue singlet should bring both to competition. Event directors would like the top wrestler in each paring wearing red, and the bottom wrestler wearing blue, for all five mat wrestling styles. This is very helpful for officials to make calls. Please do not buy a new singlet just for this event, as all wrestlers will be able to compete in whatever color singlet they already have.

Equipment: Wrestling shoes are required with shoelaces either covered or taped. Ear guards are optional but it is highly recommend that one be used.



TECHNICAL FALLS: Beach, Freestyle and Greco will be 10 points. Scholastic will be 15 points.

RULES CLINICS: A rules clinic for the style being conducted that session will be held 5 minutes before the start of each session.

HAIR LENGTH & FACIAL HAIR: Typically, the Cornhusker State Games is not as strict with high school hair length standards. However, wrestlers with long hair are strongly encouraged to wear a hair net during competition. Participants with long or rough beards will be asked to shave before competition. Please help the Cornhusker State Games maintain a safe environment for everyone.

FREESTYLE & GRECO: USA Wrestling Rules.

FOLKSTYLE: NFHS Wrestling Rules.

BEACH: Four-Man Round Robin for Beach Wrestling. All male competitors must wear a swimsuit only. The female competitors will be allowed to participate in whatever they feel is comfortable for them. No shoes, socks, or jewelry will be allowed. Wrestling will be conducted on a sand surface with a 20-foot diameter circle. Match will be called as if was a freestyle match, but no ground wrestling will occur. The match is stopped after someone has scored, and then is restarted from the neutral position. It is possible for both wrestlers to score on the same action. If a wrestler forces and holds his opponents face into the sand play could be stopped for being potentially dangerous.

Spikes Beach Bar & Grille Policies:

  • No outside food or drink can be brought into Spikes Beach Bar & Grille.
  • Must wear shirt and shoes when entering the bar & grille area.
  • May not take glass out of the inside bar & grille area.

 Please help us with the clean-up process by placing all cups and other trash into into waste containers and not leave them on tables or ground.  If you move picnic table from another area please return it to where you got it from. Our goal is to leave the venue better than we found it.

Spikes will have a limited menu of food items available for our event.  We will e-blast a list of food items that Spikes is going to serve for beach wrestling about a week before our event.

We want to stress that this event is designed to be a low-key, fun event.  This is a great time for parents and coaches to kickback and watch young and old wrestlers hit some moves on the sand.  Note we also have spectators who just happen to be at Spikes and end up watching some of the matches. We want to encourage behavior that puts our sport in a positive image to the all those watching this event.  Please be positive with wrestlers and officials.

Four-Man Round Robins: There WILL NOT be more than four wrestlers per weight class. The cutoff for weigh-ins is 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 20. This will allow tournament directors time to print off bout sheets for all three rounds in a timely manner. The only exception would be if a wrestler was mistakenly left off a bracket, then a five-man round robin would be created. Wrestlers should visit TrackWrestling.com to make sure they have been paired. Tournament directors will try to have pairings posted by 5 p.m. Almost all of the Beach Wrestlers also participate in Scholastic, so the earlier weigh-in period will affect very few wrestlers.

Registration Fees & Deadlines

$45 for first event until July 2 (no FREE shirt)

Additional events – $10


MULTI-EVENT DISCOUNT NOTE: If registering for multiple events, all entries must occur in the same transaction to receive the multi-event discount.

ENTRY FEE INCLUDES:  Competition and Summer Fun Freebies (coming soon) courtesy of our sponsors.

SHIRT SHIPPING: Athletes who register by June 19 will have their shirt shipped to the address they provide. Upgrade and additional shirts will be available to purchase during registration. There is no packet pickup—information or items needed for competition will be provided onsite or online according to instructions emailed to athletes.

PAPER ENTRY FORMS: Paper entry forms will be accepted with a $5 processing fee. Registering online saves time, money and trees.



Further Information

Sport Specific Questions: Contact Wrestling Director David Charroin at csgwrestling@gmail.com. If you wish to speak with David, please include your phone number in the email.

Online Registration/Website Questions: Contact the Cornhusker State Games office at 402-471-2544 or info@nebraskasportscouncil.com.

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