5K Road Race

  • Luke Johnson was the leader of the 5K Road Race with a time of 15:58. At Elkhorn South this year, Johnson finished 5th in the 1600 meters and 7th in the 3200 Meters for the 2023 NSAA Class A State Championships. Katie Fischer had the leading female time with 21:32 and finished 21st in the overall standings.

Adventure Race

  • At Lake Wanahoo Recreation Area, Susan Thayer and Aaron Carman each won gold medals for Solo Female and Solo Male. Thayer finished with 28 checkpoints and a time of 3:28. Carman finished with 28 checkpoints and a time of 3:23. In the 2-person races, Mitzi Filips and Scott Stopak finished 1st overall with 28 checkpoints and 2:46. The Wise Donkeys of Tyler Kluch and Scott Kluch led the 2-person Male Category with 28 checkpoint and also at the 2:46 mark. Nancy Johnson and Nikki Sleddens led OCD to the gold medal for 2-person female with 28 checkpoints and time of 3:32. Lancaster County Deputy Ben Houchin and Former Lincoln Police Chief Jeff Bliemeister participated in the Adventure Race.


  • Grant Heninger was 1st place in three different events with winning the Boys 12 Under 1M, Boys 14 Under 3M and the Boys 14 Under Tower. Jillian Falkiewicz took gold in the Girls 10 and Under Novice 1M, while Maryann Kassner won the Girls 15-18 1M.

Aquatics – Swimming

  • Youth swimming led off with James Jacobsen taking gold in the boys 11-12 100-meter backstroke, 200-meter freestyle, and 400-meter freestyle. Jacobsen also helped win the 200-meter free and medley relays with his teammate Lucas Li who won many events as well. Li was first place in boys 11-12 100-meter fly, 100-meter freestyle, 200-meter IM, 50-meter backstroke, 50-meter fly, and 50-meter freestyle. Emma Christenson won multiple events with girls 9-10 50-meter backstroke, 200-meter freestyle, 50-meter fly, 50-meter freestyle, and the team 200 meter free and medley relays. Edisyn Venditte took gold in many of the girls 13-14 division with wins in the 50-meter freestyle, 200 meter freestyle, 200 meter IM, 100 meter backstroke, 100 meter freestyle, and the 400 meter medley relay.
  • Masters swimming started off with Amy St Cyr winning gold in four different individual events for the women’s 40-44 division. St Cyr won 100 LC Meter Freestyle, 100 LC Meter Backstroke, 100 LC Meter Breaststroke, and 50 LC Meter Freestyle. Trevor Nelson picked up wins with the men’s 30-34 age division. Nelson was 1st place in 100 LC Meter Backstroke, 200 LC Meter IM, 50 LC Meter Freestyle, 200 LC Meter Medley Relay, and 200 LC Meter Freestyle Relay. Sharill Prey-Luedtke in the Women’s 55-59 age division finished first with the 100 LC Meter Backstroke, 200 LC Meter IM, 800 LC Meter Freestyle, and the 50 LC Meter Backstroke. Tom Kealy took first in 800 LC Meter Freestyle, 100 LC Meter Freestyle, and 200 LC Meter Freestyle for the Men’s 65-69-year olds.


  • NFAA Field Round took place at the Nebraska Outdoor education center. In the Adult Female Bowhunter freestyle, Georgia Ann Hart took home the gold with a score of 641. In 2nd was Jennifer Thomas who scored 610. Male Adult freestyle ended up being a close battle between 1st and 2nd. Adam Jirovsky won gold with a score of 719, while Matt Carmin had a score of 717. 2 points separated gold and silver! Mackenzie Carmin wins Youth Female with a total score of 519. Chauncey Wilkings won Male Senior Freestyle with a 671 score. In Female Club Freestyle. Addie Carmin wins with a 647-total score. Lastly, the two Roberts dueled it out in Male Silver Senior Freestyle. Robert Gregg edged out Robert Goodwin to win gold. Robert Goodwin posts a 705 to Goodwin’s 678.

Basketball – 3 v 3

  • NLU 4th went undefeated with a 4-0 record to win the 3rd and 4th grade boys division. The Rams had a +31-point differential and stayed undefeated to win the 5th-7th grade boys division. Hogwarts Express was unstoppable in the men’s division with winning all their games by at least 9 points to take the gold medal. On the girl’s side, VRLY Storm ended up winning both the 3rd-4th grade girls division and the 5th-7th grade girls divisions. The 3rd-4th grade Storm finished with a 3-1 record while the 5th-7th grade team stayed undefeated at 5-0.

Disc Golf

  • With the first day of Disc Golf on Saturday there were a lot of competitive events for the Singles. Cory Hansen had a 170 for the Advanced Men to win gold while Samantha Bonacci scored a 133 to win golf for the Advanced Women. Zach Ernst won by 10 strokes in the intermediate group with a 107. Rachel Sjoberg led the Intermediate women with a score of 150. Randy Doyle scored a 124 to win the amateur senior grandmaster group. Jon Hames had a close battle to come through and win the Recreational Men group by one stroke and scored a 126.
  • On Sunday, doubles play started with Derek Wright and Keaton Johnson getting gold with a 100 for the Advanced Men Doubles. The Women Advanced Doubles were led by Callie Tometich and Sammy Bonacci scoring 109 to get gold. Joshua Uhrmacher and Nathan Uhrmacher had the lowest score for doubles with an 88 to win the intermediate men’s doubles. Karli and Rob Hruska had a solid day, scoring a 107 to get gold in the mixed doubles.

Electronic Darts

  • In the singles play for Electronic Darts, Tony Davies, Christian Newcomer, and Christy Kruger all came away with gold medals in Levels 1-3 respectively. Christian Newcomer added another gold in the Adult/Youth Doubles with Nate Newcomer. The Explosive Sharts of Landon Sterns, Chase Wessel and Jen Fraser won the Mixed Trips category. Christian & The Gown-Ups won the gold medal for the team with Ben Abel, Zachary Christensen, James Hood, and Christian Newcomer leading to victory.

Golf- Summer Youth State Championship

  • Bennington native Anna Midyett took gold in the Girls 9-10 years after making it all the way to the Drive, Putt, and Chip championship at Augusta National in April. Stella Sedlacek won the Girls 11-12 years while Jersey Odgaard won the oldest girls’ group at 15-17 years after winning gold last summer too.
  • Brody Deutschman won gold for the 9-10 year group after being named Nebraska Junior Golf’s 2022 Player of the Year in the age 7-8 boys division. Leo Hong won the boys 11-12 age group for his second straight gold medal and Zephyr Mowinkel won the 13-14 age group. The oldest boys with the 15-17 age group was won by Max Fosler.

Fishing – Team Bass

  • In the Fishing – Team Bass Tournament, the team of Nitro 1 took gold with 16.62 lbs. The Jordans kept it close with 16.46 lbs to finish second. Deshazer & Kane got third place with 12.39 lbs.

Martial Arts – Taekwondo

  • In the forms division, Jamie, Casey, and Chase Montgomery each placed 1st in their Men’s Black Belt categories. Chase Montgomery took gold in the 10-year-old Advanced division as well. Natasha and Sparky Otero each had top finishes. Natasha Otero placed first in the 11-13 year old beginner group and the 8-10 year old girls intermediate. Sparky Otero won the 30-40 women beginner group. Jem Griffin had an impressive showing with winning 5 year old beginner and 5-6 year old beginner divisions. Giancarlo Cante had two top-three finishes with 1st place in boys 11-12 years old and a 3rd place in the 11-13 year old beginner divisions. Esme Kassmeier was solid with getting 1st place in the women’s 13-14 black belt and also getting 2nd place for the women’s 13-14 advanced black belt. Alan Earhart took gold in the men’s black belt over 52.

Shooting – Plinking Pistol

  • Kathy Knake was the only Plinking Pistol women that won two gold medals with winning the .22 Semi-auto Pistol and the Centerfire Semi-auto pistol women events. William Muff finished first in two junior events with the .22 Semi-auto Pistol and Centerfire Revolver. Fredrick Chrastil was impressive as well, winning gold in the men’s Centerfire Semi-auto pistol and finishing 2nd for the .22 semi-auto pistol event.

Softball – Slow Pitch

  • In the Men’s competitive league, Willet Construction finished off pool play with a 2-1 record to be at the top of the group and advance with a bye in the bracket. The team had a close call with a 15-14 win in the quarterfinals. Willet Construction would dominate the next two games to be the champs. The Dirt Dogs and Forest Lake Lawn & Landscapes/LG each went 1-2 in pool play but won four straight games to become Men’s Rec Gold and Men’s Rec Silver champions.

Volleyball – Adult Indoor

  • At Speedway Sports Complex, it was an action-packed weekend for Adult Indoor Volleyball. Spikological warfare took the gold in the Women’s AA division and Coed BB-Gold! In the Women’s B division, Dumpster Fire won gold. On the men’s side, Clip took home the gold in the highly prestigious Men A division. Pretty Labelles won gold in the Men’s B/C division. Did that Hurt? Is the gold medal winner of Coed-AA.  Just one more wins the gold in Coed-C.