Growing up in Oconto, Nebraska, Curt Underwood has always had an interest in lifting weights. It started at an early age and he has not let it go. When powerlifting became a big part of his life, he looked to compete in what he loved.

Underwood doesn’t view any competitions as his biggest accomplishment in powerlifting. For him, it’s the impact of exposing some people in his community of Martell, Nebraska to the sport. It’s brought him great satisfaction to see them follow in his footsteps.

“I know a lot of guys and even some gals that have come to me and asked what it’s all about. I like to give a little bit more info about powerlifting programs, and just bring more awareness to the sport itself,” Underwood said.

Underwood will compete in Powerlifting at the Cornhusker State Games this summer.

For any of his competitions, including the CSG, Underwood realizes it takes a lot to get ready. It’s important for him to keep on going even though he knows there are always going to be challenges in his training.

“It’s continuous, currently I’m on a 16-week program that’s pushing me beyond limits that I’ve ever thought I had. I mean, it’s every day, so I am doing my best with diet, programming, or just overall mental health. If you don’t have a positive attitude, it’s probably not going to work too well,” Underwood said.

That positive mindset for Underwood has taught him well, along with his friends motivating him. One of his friends who got him into powerlifting helped his inner belief by being able to deadlift 550 lbs. Before that, Underwood never pulled over 500. He was motivated to prove to himself he could accomplish something he didn’t think was possible.

Seeing what his friend did for him made Underwood become even more positive with his daily life, so he can help others in his community.

“It’s really been great to be able to help people realize that they have more potential than what they themselves think they have. When you uplift somebody, you know that person will give support to more and more people. Then all of a sudden, you’re going to have a kind of staple with everyone helping,” Underwood said.

Underwood’s family has always been there to support him with his active lifestyle. His two young sons are already eager to be old enough to come to the gym with him. Underwood’s wife is also going back to school to get a degree in exercise science. Underwood says he is going to keep powerlifting as long as he can.

With his family and friends behind him, the chance to participate in the Cornhusker State Games is something that has stoked Underwood’s interest.

“I’m super excited. I had a guy that I trained on and off with, compete last year. He kind of talked it up and so I thought, you know what, I’ll give it a shot,” Underwood said.

As Underwood prepares for the State Games, he is excited to compete in the sport he loves and hopes to get more people from Martell interested in the CSG.