For Angela Sun, fencing has become a big part of staying active in her daily life. She also competes in volleyball and has been involved with a variety of different sports at her young age, including gymnastics, swimming, and taekwondo.

Sun will compete in fencing at the Cornhusker State Games this summer.

The 12-year-old from Omaha hasn’t been involved in fencing for long, but already has had numerous achievements. In one of her first fencing events, Sun finished in 11th place. In a Lincoln tournament last year, she was able to achieve a 3rd-place finish.

Sun decided that she liked fencing from the start. “When I first started fencing, I just believed in myself and thought that this would be a lot of fun,” Sun said.

The training and drills that Sun uses to prepare for fencing have been exciting for her. She looks for new things to improve on and footwork is a big focus. With incorporating new footwork drills, she has been able to increase her speed and explosiveness.

With a boost of those skills, Sun has added to her repertoire. Improving speed and explosiveness has helped her gain an advantage. Even with a new edge, she prefers to be a defensive fencer for now.

“I learned that I’m not as brave as other people when it comes to being on the offensive. I prefer to stay in the safe zone,” Sun said.

Sun knows that she possesses many strengths already with her fencing experience, but she’s excited to continue to learn more. With the Cornhusker State Games coming up, Sun is ready for her next fencing challenge.

“I’m really excited for this opportunity at the Cornhusker State Games! My goal is to beat my last score and I’m ready to compete,” Sun said.

Sun also competes in different fencing events throughout the year. She is also looking forward to meeting other fencers from around the state. Heading into the State Games, Angela is thrilled to see the progress she has made with her fencing skills.