Monte Lofing isn’t your typical powerlifter. Standing at 5-foot-1 and clocking in at 60 years old, Lofing is not only thriving in the sport, but he’s also setting world records.

A veteran of the Nebraska powerlifting community, Lofing first began lifting as a freshman at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1977. He joined the Husker weightlifting club in the lightweight division based on the recommendation of a classmate.

“I had my first meet and I was hooked,” Lofing said. “I’ve done it ever since and I just celebrated year 42.”

For most of his powerlifting career, Lofing has participated in events in and around Nebraska, with a special emphasis on the Cornhusker State Games. He played a role in getting powerlifting added to the Games in the 1990s and has competed every year since.

Powerlifting has grown nationally, and Lofing has watched that growth personally in Nebraska. He said last year’s event was the biggest he could remember for powerlifting at the State Games.

“It’s fun, it’s cheap, and the Cornhusker State Games do a neat job of promoting [powerlifting],” Lofing said. “We’re just so lucky that we’re a part of this, because it’s helping our sport so much.”

While Lofing has been lifting for over 40 years, he reached new highs last year at the World Classic Powerlifting Championships in Canada.  Having just turned 60 prior to the competition, Lofing competed in the 60-69-year-old age group. Not only did Lofing win gold for team USA, he also set a new world record with a squat of 409 pounds.

The winning performance automatically qualified Lofing for the International Powerlifting Federation’s World Championships. Part of an elite group of 105 lifters who will travel to the World Championships, Lofing will represent team USA in Helsingborg, Sweden this June. Not only does Lofing want to dominate at this year’s competition, he also wants to compete internationally in the coming years.

“I’m so humbled and lucky to be part of an elite bunch that gets to travel,” he said. I’m not going to blow this, I want to keep doing this as long as my body physically lets me.”

While his competition may have increased in difficulty, Lofing still returns to the Cornhusker State Games year after year, lifting in the same competition which helped him develop and hone his skills.

“If you’re a powerlifter in Nebraska and you love powerlifting, you don’t miss the Cornhusker State Games.”

Registration is currently open for the 2019 Cornhusker State Games. Featuring competition in 70 sports, participants can find more information and register online at our 2019 Sport Listing