For two talented sisters, tennis is a family affair.

Parker, age 13, and Penelope, age 11, are tennis fanatics, a passion they inherited from their mother Jenni, a longtime tennis player as well.

The Lincoln natives attend Pound Middle School and practice their tennis skills at Woods Tennis Center, training in both singles and doubles. Both Parker and Penelope registered for singles play at the Cornhusker State Games, and the duo will compete as a doubles pair as well.

With differences in style and rules between singles and doubles play, both sisters said they enjoy each event in different ways.

“I kind of like them the same, but they both have their different opportunities with them,” Parker said.

However, the chance to play with each other in doubles is what truly excites Parker and Penelope.

“I like competing together as sisters, because I’m very familiar with Parker and I kind of know what she can do, so I know if she can get that shot or if I can get that shot better,” Penelope said.

According to Jenni, her daughters form a good team because of their different strengths. Penelope is more competitive and an energetic player, while Parker provides more of a calming, experienced presence for the doubles combination.

“It’s interesting to watch the two of them and I just learn a lot from watching them,” Jenni said. “They have a lot of strengths between the two of them and it’s just really fun.”

Much sporting success comes down to how players can respond to adversity, and both sisters feel they can lean on each other for support and help while playing.

“I just kind of know what she’ll do, and we just kind of motivate each other because if we’re down, we can just high-five, or I can mention something both of us know makes us happy,” Penelope said.

The family aspect of having her two daughters play tennis together is exciting for Jenni, even if she may get nervous occasionally in her support.

“I just love watching tennis and watching them play, but it does give me anxiety too,” she said.

She will have to keep that anxiousness in check for the Cornhusker State Games this summer and for the future, as the sky is the limit for the skilled duo of Parker and Penelope Brown.

“I can’t wait to have the next six or seven or however many years they’re going to play just watching them,” Jenni said.

Registration is currently open for the 2019 Cornhusker State Games. Featuring competition in 70 sports, participants can find more information and register online at our 2019 Sport Listing